Monday, November 23, 2009


About 18 months ago, I met the nicest people in America...seriously, they are the NICEST. Foothill Entertainment is their name. We clicked. There was chemistry, and now were making a TV show together. The show's called Momtourage.

MOMTOURAGE will be a half hour, live-action, music-filled comedy focusing on the relationship between a fourteen year old girl and her bigger-than-life, celebrity mother, in which the roles of parent and child are often reversed. Set against the glitzy, glamorous backdrop of “the world of entertainment,” MOMTOURAGE explores being there for someone – no matter what – and what it means be “real” in a land of “make believe”.

Here's some press:
The Famous Mom Blues
With High School Musical 3 doing gangbusters in U.S. theaters this weekend, it’s not surprising to see animation producers venturing into the hugely profitable Miley Cyrus/HSM/teen and music combo. Greg Payne, chairman and director at Santa Barbara, Calif-based Foothill Entertainment chatted with us about one of his hot, new upcoming projects called My Momtourage and Me. “It’s a very L.A. story … as it focuses on a tween daughter of the most famous female pop star the world has ever known,” says Payne. “But the truth is that she wants to be just a normal girl with a normal mom!”This timely toon is created by famous Australian author and illustrator Kyla May, who is overseeing the series as well. We think Madonna’s agent will be calling Greg real soon!