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Character design and illustration for Rufus & Coco Christmas message

Rufus & Coco

'Dream Factory' Animation in Production

'Dream Factory' Animation in Production
December 9th, 2011 11:30 AM by Aaron H. Bynum

Australia and Ireland Animation Co-Production News

The world of dreams may not seem the most appropriate spot for a vocational apprenticeship, but for a kid name Tommy Winks, it's all he's been waiting for. More to the point, Tommy is an apprentice dreammaker, and with careful and comical meditation tries to mix all the necessary ingredients together to make for the perfect snooze fest for others. Of course, not every goes according to plan, but sure enough, that's just half the fun. Dream Factory is a new animated television series entering production. The project is an Australia-Ireland co-production, with additional assistance provide by the Australian Children's Television Foundation. According to the Irish Film & Television Network, a series preview may yet screen at KidsScreen Summit 2012 (February 2012).

In Dream Factory, Tommy puts his instincts to the test. He has to master the art of dream creation if he's to become a master like his boss, the mythical Sandman. But as Tommy quickly finds, making the perfect dream requires more than the right ingredients, he's going to have to use every inch of his own imagination as well. Dream Factory is an animated comedy about a kid who "has to put on a showstopper that puts his audience to sleep." If Tommy's lucky, he'll keep the Bogeyman away as well.

"The concept has a delicious mix of mischief-making, magic and mayhem," Donna Andrews, CEO & Executive Producer, Sticky Pictures, commented on the announcement. "Combined with Brown Bag's impressive track record in stunning design and production, Dream Factory will be a visual feast and wonderfully entertaining."

As Andrews intimates, layout and animation production for Dream Factory will be handled by the artists at Sticky Pictures (Sydney, NSW, Australia) and Brown Bag Films (Dublin, Ireland). It must also be noted, however, that the series concept comes from character artist, book illustrator, and all together do-everything designer Kyla May (Kyla May Productions), whose company holds offices on both ends of Australia, in Melbourne, Victoria, and Perth, Western Australia. May is a prolific designer, but has achieved considerable success with the recent debut of the 2D series Flea Bitten, which is about a colorful shelter dog and his daily adventures.

Sticky Pictures' efforts have been growing on international viewers for a while. Recent productions are along the lines of assorted 2D titles like the Dennis & Gnasher rebirth, Pearlie, and the wild and reckless rock anthem antics in Dukes of Broxtonia, surprising fans of multiple demographics. 
Brown Bag Films' latest is the CG preschool cartoon Octonauts, a smart and engaging undersea show based on the publications by illustration duo MEOMI. The Irish studio is currently hard at work producing Disney's new CG series Doc McStuffins, scheduled to premiere early next year.

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Sumo Mouse

Here's a show we did a while back. We designed the backgrounds.