Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flea-bitten Concept Art

Flea-bitten (a.k.a. Flea-bag) is almost all done. Very exciting times. Here's some more concept art...

Pixie's Pencilcase

One of my favourite new projects (well, they're all my favourite!) with Mintie Moo

Lottie & Mia by Mintie Moo

As well as Kyla May Productions, I'm the co-owner and creative director of Mintie Moo Productions. Here is one of our pre-school brands..."Lottie & Mia: Twin Magic", about identical-twin super heroes.

Star Girl, by Louise Park - PanMacmillan

Over the past 6 months we, at Kyla May Productions (our new company name) have been creating illustrations for a new chapter book series called Star Girl for PanMacmillan Australia, created and written by the tremendously talented Louise Park. Here's what we've been doing...